Four years ago, the indie folk act Bowerbirds started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the construction of a proper studio in which they would record a new record. Fans of the trio, led by married couple Phil Moore and Beth Tacular, came through with $38,000 and were told the record would be forthcoming in 2013.

Well, the studio got built. But for their troubles, contributors have received a few lugubrious, excuse-filled e-updates and an LP by Tushka, Moore’s electronic side project, which took precedence over meeting the commitment to make a Bowerbirds record because, you know, art. (In one update, Moore promised fans updates on “first glimpses at all things Tushka.” Gee, thanks! How about my Bowerbirds record?)

In late 2015, the band’s management stated that a new Bowerbirds record would indeed be forthcoming; it just wouldn’t say when. Numerous legitimately complicating factors have arisen to delay the projectmost notably parenthoodbut life doesn’t absolve you from your commitments. This lesson seems not to have sunk in with Bowerbirds, who made a very real pledge to the people who love them best and don’t seem particularly concerned with making good on it. So, yes, this record, which has now taken longer than My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, is greatly anticipated. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.