715 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham

(919) 687-0558


Massengill’s Auto Service bounced around a few spots in downtown Durham before settling in at its current location in 1998. It suffices to say its surroundings have changed considerably in the years since. Tall condo buildings are shooting up into the sky in nearly every direction. Neighbors on the block now include Fullsteam Brewery, Surf Club, The Pit, and Motorco (itself named after a former car dealership). In the midst of this gentrification lies a tall chain-link fence, behind which sits Massengill’s operations. We hope this valuable chunk of real estate won’t be sold off to make room for a boutique hotel anytime soon. In addition to representing something we value—ordinary services in an area that is starting to feel too slick—Massengill’s is friendly, reasonably priced, and, if you ask, they’ll give you a free T-shirt after they repair your car. It’s got a nice fit to it.