108 East Main Street, Carrboro

(919) 933-0669


Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. A Pabst and Archers on the jukebox sure would help a lot. Luckily Carrboro has a Cheers of its own in the Orange County Social Club, the best place to remember how long you’ve been drinking in Carrboro and to observe the aging indie rockers of yore in their natural habitat. Luckily, it’s a great place to stagnate: the pool table is often wide open on weeknights, the drinks cheap and kicky, the cubbyholes above the copper bar stuffed with memories, and the patio wreathed in good old-fashioned tobacco smoke. (Vapers, try Krave.) It’s still where to go after a Cradle show (unless Bowbarr beckons). On the rare occasion we’re obliged to fish it out, we’re always startled by the date stamped on our faded orange membership card, which we’ve somehow never lost: June 2002. Cheers to fourteen more boozy yearsif we live that long.