1040 Duffy’s Way, Chapel Hill

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Of all the myriad decisions you’ll make in planning your wedding, few are as important as your choice of venue. It’s your canvas, your movie set, the backdrop for an event that will be over much, much faster than you probably realize. The Barn at Valhalla is a beautiful, versatile, thirty-acre space given over to pastures, meadows, a picturesque pond, and of course, a stunning barn, offering the exquisite setting that a red-letter day demands. The Barn earns raves for its unpretentious, user-friendly aesthetic. Guests are given ample access to get set up; they can bring their own DJ, alcohol, and any other elements designed to make the day their own. Of course, if you need help with those things, The Barn is there to help. It can accommodate up to eighteen staying guests, too, allowing for added time with family and loved onesand at surprisingly reasonable rates.