111 Corcoran Street, Durham

(919) 956-6700


Say, one evening, you’re tripping down the street in downtown Durham. You’re several drinks in, and you think, I’d like to see some art. Except on Third Fridays, you’d be stymied if 21c Museum Hotel weren’t waiting at Main and Corcoran, with its sizeable contemporary art gallery standing open twenty-four hours a day. Conceptual, curated, and packed with significant artists, the gallery has had shows we really liked and shows we really didn’t, but never any shows that left us feeling neutral and unmoved. Best of all, it’s free, though if you want to keep boozing, ten-dollar cocktails await at the hotel’s restaurant, Counting House, downstairs. If you want to keep keep boozing until you can’t drive (and you have about three hundred bucks to spare), plenty of charming retro-futurist rooms await upstairs. Nice ducky.