The Best of the Triangle readers’ poll will tell you where to eat and where to get your hair cut; who should fix your car and who can fix you the strongest drink (not that those two events should ever be related); where to buy necessities and where to buy luxuries.

Yet no survey can adequately reflect the best moments of just straight-up living, be they fleeting or enduring, cosmic or commonplace.

So we invited local activists, artists, thinkers and businesspeople to tell us about their best moments of living in the Triangle. Several Indy staffers and interns chimed in as well.

What we received were poignant accounts of experiences both communal and solitary: A father bequeaths his Marine sword to his son; a Carolina Hurricanes fan revels in the win of the Stanley Cup; a woman reflects on President Roosevelt’s and President Clinton’s appearances at Kenan Stadium; a 17-year-old reflects on the events leading up to her leaving home for college.

Life is for endless summers and honeysuckle and dancing. It is for all-night jam sessions and swimming pools and ballparks. Live it up, Indy readers. You can add your best moments in the comments section. Lisa Sorg