Friday, April 6-Sunday, April 8
North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, Raleigh
7:30 p.m. Fri. & Sat./3 p.m. Sun., $25

Though I was once typecast as Linus in a production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, please take note: I could belt out “Sweet Transvestite” with the best of them. Still, I had to face it: there was absolutely no danger I would ever be cast as Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Show. North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre’s Tim Locklear realized that many a frustrated actor had unfinished business with a show that got away, so he created Miscast, a comic musical revue and fundraiser calculated to scratch a lot of forbidden theatrical itches. Chris Maxwell and Rose Higgins return to host this year’s installment, in which fresh young faces join veterans like Lauren Bamford, Michael Santangelo, and David Klionsky to pay dubious tributes to A Chorus Line, A Gentleman’s Guide to Murder, andyikesThe Greatest Showman. Craig Johnson leads the band.