CAMERON INDOOR STADIUM/DURHAM— Following the 88-47 bloodying that Duke gave Cornell’s Big Red team, my focus shifted from how Duke worked-off the 11-day rust and blew-out an unimpressive Ivy League squad, to what would happen three hours before Duke’s next game. But neither I, nor anyone else had the guts to get Coach Krzyzewski to speculate about would happen tomorrow at 4 p.m., when the country’s No. 1 high school basketball recruit, Jabari Parker, announces whether or not he’ll be playing in a Blue Devil uniform during the 2013-2014 college basketball season.

Of course, Coach K would have kept mum on the subject. It’s the rules. We’ll get the news when he does—or so we’d like to believe. So, instead the safer subjects to breach were Syracuse’s head coach, Jim Boehiem recently joining Coach K in the 900-win club, and the news from earlier today that Coach K was the co-recipient (along with Geno Auriemma) and five-time winner of the Team USA Coach of the Year Award.

The No. 1 ranked Blue Devils moved to 10-0 for the 14th time under Coach K and at one point in the game led by as many as 48 points. On the hunt for Bobby Hurley’s single-game record of 17 assists, Quinn Cook piloted Duke once again and clocked 12 assists, while Mason Plumlee shot 100 percent from the field on 8-8 shooting (including an early, accidental tip-in into Cornell’s bucket).

The bad news is that his younger brother Marshall Plumlee, who sported a black eye in his Duke debut, sprained his foot during just a couple of minutes of playing time in the first half, and remained on the bench for the rest of the game.

During the postgame conference, Coach Krzyzewski called Plumlee’s injury a “little slight sprain”. It’s unlikely that Plumlee will be cleared to play in tomorrow night’s game against Elon, which will be another back-to-back series for Duke. “Back-to-back’s not strange to us because we did [it in] the Bahamas, but it’s strange not playing for 12 days,” said Coach K. “This we’re used to now. Now we’re in game mode.”

All signs are pointing toward Jabari Parker choosing Duke over Michigan State tomorrow—and I’ll touch on that decision here following the Duke/Elon game—but, whichever school Parker chooses; hopefully none of this will be to much of a game-time distraction. In the meantime, here is the Duke/Cornell box score.