Okay, let’s take stock for a moment. We’ve seen dozens of works by hundreds of performers over seven full weeks of modern dance.

One thing’s for certain: It’s not all going to fit into that suitcase.

So as we start to pack up the 2008 ADF Season, we’ve got to think for a second.

1. What are the works and moments you plan to keep? The best, the most insightful, entertaining, or instructive?

2. Which are you going to leave behind? The distinctly less than best, less useful, and the thanks-I-did-(or- saw)-it-once-and-that-will-do things?

3. And which of this season’s experiences are going to give you the hardest time choosing?

We’ll have our thoughts on these in our ADF Wrap, next week on the website and in the print edition of the Independent Weekly. But right now, it’s your turn.

What’s already in your famous blue suitcase? What’s going in? What can’t you decide on? Post your thoughts in Comments, below.

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