Obviously, RailHawks fans and observers can’t and won’t spend all of the 2009 season pining for the quicksilver winger Martin Nuñez, but we can’t help but note the following: In a preseason exhibition on Thursday, Feb. 12, Nuñez’s new squad, the Puerto Rico Islanders, defeated last season’s MLS champs, the Columbus Crew, 2-0.

You know where this is heading: The game’s first, and winning, goal was scored by Nuñez.

From the Islanders’ Web site:

Within the first minute of the game, former Carolina Railhawks‘ Martin Nuñez (from Uruguay) found a loose ball in front of theCrew‘s goal and scored the first goal of the preseason for the Islanders.

UPDATE 2/14/09: The USL Web site contains a match report (and photo).

Just for old times’ sake, we’re re-posting Nunez’s last goal as a RailHawk. (Thanks to Jarrett and Veoh.com for the video. For context, see our post here.)

Online Videos by Veoh.com Video courtesy of Jarrett at trisoccerfan.com and Veoh.com.