The news is already breaking on the new Pilobolus Dance Theater collaboration with cartoonist Art Spiegelman, creator of In the Shadow of No Towers and the ground-breaking graphic novel, Maus.

Laura Collins-Hughes’ June 20 article in the Boston Globe first tantalized us with descriptions of the working process and still images from the work.

Then Dartmouth, where the ADF co-commission work premiered, released three juicy minutes of highlights from the work, on YouTube:

About the same time, Pilobolus published a ten-minute featurette on the work, including behind the scenes intervews with Spiegelman, chhoreographer Michael Tracy and animators Dan and Jason of Hornet Inc., who had to find common ground between Spiegelman’s still imagery and Pilobolus’ choreography:

And finally — at least, for now — Alastair Macaulay’s review of the new work, which ran Monday in the New York Times, praised its “dizzying overlap of cartoon, film, silhouette theater, and live dance,” which “picks up on, and refreshes, aspects of Pilobolus that have been there since the beginning: the dream logic, the clowning, the sense of physical liberation that’s only at times highly sexual, and the defiance of categorization.”