Personal chef and singer/bassist extraordinaire Shirle’ Hale Koslowski is no stranger to television – she did a cooking segment on News 14 for a while until she was replaced by some dorky guy. But this latest development is just surreal.

Koslowski, who plays in the Durham band Free Electric State with her husband David, will appear Monday, Oct. 26 on the ‘Rachael Ray” show, which airs in the Triangle at 10 a.m. on WTVD.

A wine rack that Shirle’ made out of coffee cans will be featured in Ray’s regular “Double Duty Tips” segment. It turns out that a production assistant on Ray’s show spotted it on Shirle’s ‘Rockin’ the Stove” blog.

‘I got this email, like, two months ago, in the morning,” Koslowski says. ‘I thought it was spam. I’m sitting here in my office, laughing, and going, ‘Hey David, check out this piece of spam I just got from The Rachael Ray Show.’” David thought it was ‘junk,” too, but when Shirle’ examined the return address, she saw that it was from Oprah Winfrey’s company. So she wrote back, and the segment producer called her within minutes.

A script was emailed to Shirle’, and David shot the footage that outlined the steps for making the wine rack. The producers will edit it down to a one-minute segment that will likely include David as well, enjoying a glass of wine with his wife.

Shirle’ is still just surprised by the whole thing.

‘I had no idea that anyone subscribed to my blog, other than friends and family.”

By the way: Free Electric State plays tonight at Tir Na Nog in Raleigh with The Poles and Gross Ghost. And Shirle’ is hosting a vegan brunch at Durham’s The Pinhook on Nov. 8 from 12-2 p.m.