Tonight’s baseball game was the sort of riveting spectacle that is made just for television. Like the Ice Bowl, it was something to watch from afar, as the Rays and Phillies stumbled through a steady, near-freezing rainfall. Down 2-1 in the 6th inning with the game in danger of being declared over, B.J Upton singled with two outs, somehow stole second through the mud, and scored on Carlos Peña’s single.

Immediately after the inning, the grounds crew pulled the tarp over the infielda pointless act, actually, considering the condition of the field. It was quickly obvious that there would be no more baseball tonight, and the game will be resumed tomorrow, although the weather forecast is even worse.

However, after all that misery, the Rays have a new problem. According to ESPN, the cold, wet Rays have no place to sleep tonight:

The Rays checked out of their hotel in center-city Philadelphia, in anticipation of flying home after the gameand they can’t get back in, because the hotel is sold out.

They’re scrambling to find roomssomewhereas we speak.