Right. So these two choreographers walk into a barre…

You were there. You saw comedian Larry Keigwan plus company make with the waterworks, before flying on and off the handle.

That was before Robert Battle‘s folks got mighty reel (time), after a Promenade through what looked like an over-caffeinated version of the psycho ward where Blanche DuBois might have wound up after A Streetcar Named Desire.

Then you saw the curious ways both of them came up with to honor their elders — Gus Solomons, Jr. and Carmen deLavallade — in the world premieres of Mirror Mirror and Two Redux.

As they used to say in vaudeville, These are the jokes, folks.

Two questions: Which things amused you the most during the concert by Keigwin + Company, Battleworks Dance, and Paradigm?

And, by chance, was there anything on stage you found not funny at all?

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