Midfielder and free-kick specialist Steven Curfman has parted ways with the RailHawks, according to Mike Blake of the N&O’s SWakeSports blog. Although Curfman’s name is still on the roster as of 7 p.m., Blake’s sources assure him that the one-year veteran and Wake Forest grad has been dropped from the squad.

It’s not a surprising development in light of Curfman’s scarcity on the pitch thus far this preseason and the continuing surplus of players still on trial. However, combined with the departure of Santiago Fusilier, the RailHawks have now cut off nearly all of their hometown links. Only Raleigh native and UNC grad Caleb Norkus remains of the Old North State contingent.

Curfman, who had a stellar career at Wake Forest, scored two goals in 30 appearances last year.