We begin:

To breathe

like our mothers–

To waver in our worship

of Gramma,

wondering if periods have turned

into ?s, :s, ,s, :s

–s seeing maybe

only Caps (as in Capital

& Cancer)

space & possibly

the + or the *

as integral

to our efforts

to commune.


We sign with initials only

because of time or $,

therefore admitting once

again how early we were

forced to apprehend

Our Father´s middle name

which = Fear.


Laptops hum to us

when sleep or love abandons

& we cease to wear aprons

because now the substances

we spill or waste appear

in flesh & not on

artificial coverings.

Eternally prodigal,

we keep screens clear

although loss or obfuscation

of keys remains a risk.


We read more or less

(Sacrificing Russians,

& Catholics, the Orthodox

& the Old).

Similarly, the sacrament

we recognize as True

has more to do

with sex, grandchildren, exercise

or Art,

than with water, wafer & Holy Wine–

Hunger &/or Thirst–

or any number

of the 7 Deadlies

which become personified

& shadow us

like prehistorical beasts.

(Obsessions beget obsessions.)


If we die

we refuse



If we achieve

Fame &/or Riches

(or fail to)

we deny our Fault,

ever pointing

up, down, over


with hearts covered,

eyes lowered,

moon above unseen,

but recognized,

like an * or star.