Summer Guide is finally here. That old ballpark, man, it’s back in gear. And that swimming hole? It’s nice and cold.

Those are (roughly) the words of Kenny Chesney, who plays Raleigh’s PNC Arena on May 28. While we never tire of that sort of summer fun at the INDY, we do tire of regurgitating the same well-worn clichés about the season. So this year, we’re putting a wintry spin on our Summer Guide, suggesting ways, from indoor curling to urban bobsledding, that you can turn summer days into snow days. And, of course, we tip the next few months’ offerings in visual art, theater, dance, film and more.

It’s going to be a long, hot season, but after chilling out with our “Winter in the Summertime” issue, you’ll be ready to hear those ice cream trucks jinglingring-ting-tingling, too.