A decade of wonder and tumult
The first decade of cinema’s second century was one of technological triumph. Is it the end of the traditional movie experience?

Surveying the Triangle for faves of the decade
Jacob Cooley, Allan Gurganus, Barry Ragin, Andrea Reusing, Justin Robinson and other local notables pick their favorite movie of the decade

Sunshine, sunset and silencio
Few are the movies that succeed in altering our perception of the world or changing us in an unforgettable way.

Movie vices
Why you can’t forgo the theater in favor of watching movies at home or on your phone

Make way for Bollywood
My best of the decade comprises joyful movies I’ve watched five, 10 times or more.

Requiem for a decade
Works that advanced the art of cinema

A look back at the best of 2009
Three of our critics list their favorite films of the year

Readers’ picks
Your picks for best film of 2009 and of the decade