Founded by Jim Kish in 1992, Carrboro’s Kish Fabrication is the place to go if you’re searching for a slick ride that’s fit to your body. Kish’s custom bicycles don’t exactly run cheap, but consider it an investment, especially if it’s going to wean you off gasoline. Kish’s detailed custom-build process includes multiple consultations to ensure customers are satisfied. And while lightweight carbon frames may be en vogue, Kish asserts its titanium frames offer a superior ride, plus enhanced durability and overall craftsmanship.

Once you’ve got the bike, you’ve got to outfit it (and yourself) with the sartorial accessories, right? Also out of Carrboro, Adam Balfour’s one-man operation DFL Stitchworks produces small hip pouches and frame bags, large messenger bags and backpacks. Balfour is an avid cyclist, so his designs reflect what cyclists need rather than just aiming for what might look good. That said, most of Balfour’s bags do look cool and tend to come in dark colorsall the better for hiding the dirt that comes with your commute.