Sunday, Nov. 24, 8 p.m., $20

The PIT, Chapel Hill

“Flip Phone Owner.” “1st Time Flosser.” “Atlantis Lifeguard.” “Former Cyclops.”

These are but a few of the more than two hundred cryptic, self-deprecating slogans that adorned schlubby writers-room denizen Frank Rossitano’s trucker cap in 30 Rock. Though it became one of the beloved NBC meta-show’s signature running gags, it originated in actor Judah Friedlander‘s own stand-up, which he fashions around the unjustified overconfidence of a “World Champion.” 

Of course, Frank’s not all Friedlander’s known for: Remember when he hugged a bunch of people in that Dave Matthews Band video? And of course, there’s also his acclaimed 2017 Netflix special, America Is the Greatest Country In the United States, which Vulture praised for its “innovation and catharsis.” 

Now, Friedlander is touring new material across the nation with his “Future President” tour, which stops at The PIT in Chapel Hill on Sunday, November 24. Expect deceptively casual one-liners and lots of crowd work as Friedlander performs his slacker satire, or at least take this as an excuse to waste some work time by looking at a bunch of funny hats:

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