Day Drinker is a recurring feature in which INDY staffers graciously accept samples of new and seasonal offerings from local breweries and tell you what we think of them. If you’d like your beer or cider to be considered, email food editor Layla Khoury-Hanold at


Southern Peak Brewery

This is a textbook example of Kölsch, a German style fermented with ale yeast but finished with lagering. Its trademark straw-yellow color is reinforced here with notes of toasted straw. Though fairly one-dimensional, it’s a fine, light-drinking summer beer. You can line these up along the bar and down them all afternoon if you want. It’s a brew that stays out of its own way.

Mystical Maize IPA

Southern Peak Brewery

Southern Peak calls this a Southeastern IPA in order to strike a contrast with trendy New England IPAs. Brewed with regionally grown maize, it also has melon-y subtleties and vegetal vibes. Whereas New England IPAs tend to be hazy and funky, this one is clean and crisp, with a pronounced astringency remindful of citrus pith. One staffer said it tasted the way fresh hops smell but without a heavy hoppy taste. Good for IPA novices, it might be a bit tame for IPA pros.

Dandelion Kombucha

Southern Peak Brewery

Refreshing and crisp, more sweet than tart, this tasty kombucha is also good for you: Dandelion is lauded for its liver-detoxifying properties, and Southern Peak ferments it with lime and local raw honey, the latter of which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Consider this your reset button between Southern Peak beers.