Sugars and proteins, pressure and heat: Food is essentially just chemistry and physics that taste good. Learn about the science of eats on Thursday, Feb. 20, at the museum of life and science 433 W. Murray Ave., Durham.

You’ll create your own sugar citric acid solution and discover the difference residual sugar levels have on wine. (For me, less is more: I’m a fan of dry wine.)

In the neurogenetics of smell, you’ll find out how the mutation of a single gene can impact your perception of scents. And you can learn to improve the angular velocity of your pizza toss. (Technically speaking, that’s a vector quantity specifying the angular speed of an object and the axis about which it rotates. Aren’t you glad you asked?)

There will be tastings and experiments with more than 25 scientists, restaurants and farmers. The event runs from 6:30–9:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 for museum members, $24 for the general public. For an additional $10, you can attend the grow your own mushroom workshop.

The need for seeds: The Durham County Library is collecting seeds, particularly for its digging durham seed library that will launch April 23.

You can donate seeds of any typealthough heirloom flower and vegetable seeds or open-pollinated varieties are preferredat any of three library branches, Main, 300 N. Roxboro St.; South Regional, 4505 S. Alston Ave.; and the Southwest Regional, 3605 Shannon Rd.

Donors should place the seeds in an envelope with your contact information, as well as the history of the seeds, including how they are linked to your house or farm and the plants they produced.

When the seed library launches later this spring, patrons can check out seeds, then return the harvested seeds after the growing season.

The program is co-sponsored by S.E.E.D.S., the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and the N.C. Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program. Info: or Margaret Anderson at 919-560-8598 or

Carrboro Alderman Sammy Slade and Fifth Season Gardening Company will lead seed swap and composting workshops at the carrboro farmers market, Saturday, Feb. 22, at 9 a.m. You can learn how to save your own seed and to start plants directly from seed. No registration required.

Three new eateries are coming to Lafayette Village in north raleigh: taqueria americana, driftwood southern kitchen and crafty beer shop, which is opening its second location. Its flagship store is in Five Points (2003 Fairview Road, 919-615-3008,

Glenwood Avenue is quite the suds hub, with north street beer station (521 W. North St., 919-260-8891, planning to open at by March 1. It will sell more than 500 types of beer. Yes, that’s a 5 with two zeros. The INDY‘s Raleigh office is exactly three-tenths of a mile away. If our door is locked, you’ll know where to find us.

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