Each year, the Independent solicits nominations for our Arts Indies, and this time out we received several dozen, making for a long and spirited debate among our staff.

Reviewing the names of honorees over the past 18 years, one gets a sense of an accumulating body of cultural capital in the Triangle. There are many past winners who remain bulwarks of the arts in our community, but we never seem to run out of fresh faces to recognizeindeed, this year we honor two people whose contributions to the area are relatively recent, but we also recognize one group that is older than the Independent itself.

All of our honorees devote a significant portion of their energiesand their missionto bringing the arts to our community. The Triangle is fortunate to have such a vibrant cultural life, and in this issue, we recognize the extraordinary efforts that make that vitality possible.

2008 Honorees

Carolina Wren Press
Giving poetic voice to often unheard writers

David García
Bringing Latin music to the academy, and back to the people

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern
Saying yes

Shannon Morrow
Improv music director bringing outsiders in

Michael O’Connell
His Mountain Top Removal raised awareness of coal mining practices

Steve Salevan
Providing a home for local music on the airwaves