The ABC’s of N.C. liquor laws
A history of moonshine and state-run liquor stores
By Arturo Ciompi

Raleigh on the rocks
A drinking man’s tour of Raleigh
By Peter Eichenberger

Heads up
Higher alcohol beer is here at last
By Jon Worley

Prowling Wake County
A love lounge and the Triangle’s largest ladies room
By Jimmy Gibbs

Some of Durham’s best neighborhood bars…
…aren’t even in one
By Finn Cohen

Doing battle with Chapel Hill’s nightlife
Or, dives and meat markets
By Grayson Currin and Kirk Ross

Bars on the lookout for fake IDs
…and there are plenty of ’em
By Greg Margolis

Memo to all y’all NCSU students
FROM: Your fellow Pack Backer
RE: Neighborly advice about the PROP
CC: Folks at Shaw, St. Aug’s, Meredith and Peace
By Bob Geary

Who makes your favorite drinks?
An Indy survey

If you think you have a problem
Alcohol has been a part of human culture since human culture began. It’s supposed to be enjoyable.