Buying and selling a home. Is there any other time in our lives where we deal with such overwhelming numbers and details? Well, OK, if you own a Lincoln Navigator, you might have dealt with those kinds of numbers outside of the homebuying process. It’s such an important moment that entire magazines and newspaper sections are dedicated to covering the issues surrounding it. This issue of Casa cannot and will not attempt to rival that amount of coverage, but it’s an interesting topic nonetheless. And, we find, buying and selling a home is not exclusive; we’ll discuss how even the most financially strapped among us can afford to participate in the process. We’ll also predict the next hot spots for home purchases–advice you can use if you’re looking to buy or hoping to make a mint when you sell. If you’re looking at selling anytime soon, read more about the creative and unconventional way one of our freelance writers chose to sell her digs at a profit.

In this issue we’ll learn how to buy with next to no money, how to sell without a Realtor and how to spot the hottest house markets in the Triangle.

–laura hatmaker