Green Roof Project
Examines the feasibility of green roofs for residential-scale construction

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Best two sites for general info, history, plant lists, case studies

Green roof research at N.C. State University
Offers tools for calculating construction loads for green roofs. Can help any handy person put a green roof on a garden shed, porch or garage

Emory Knoll Farms
A leading source for plants suitable for green roofs

American Society of Landscape Architects
Info about the green roof under construction on the Washington, D.C. ASLA headquarters

U.S. Green Building Council
A coalition of building industry leaders promoting environmentally responsible places to live and work

Some local professionals knowledgeable about green roofs:

Brown & Jones Architects, Inc.

Tim Martin, Engineer

Anita Bahe of Lynx Group International LLC, for larger-scale projects