Remember the one where the phone line

breaks and falls on the man’s grave

and the woman starts getting calls from the dead?

Well, who else would phone this late at night

and on the line we haven’t used

since the kids left home?

So much for those iron laws

that guard us against the improbable.

I stayed outside worried to tears

when the girl fell out of her bed

and was lost in another dimension.

My parents laughed at me,

but what did they know

after four years at a teacher’s college

about wormholes in time or tears in the fabric of space

and why would they tell me the truth

even if they did know.

The signal stretched over the snowy wilderness

forming a ghostly fluid on the cheap TV.

Like history, it was more real and more possible

than anything else around me

and let’s face it, though no one likes to talk about it–

all our childhood fears eventually come true.