So, what are humans wearing in the Triangle these days? We fanned out to find stylish folks and ask them two questions:
1. What fashion trend from the 2000s are you nostalgic for?
2. What is your favorite item you are wearing today, and why?
1. Mock turtlenecks
2. “My Salence jacket. It’s so versatile. Dress up, dress down, travel, and raincoat.”

1. High-top sneakers
2. “My vegan leather purse, because it goes with everything. It’s a conversation starter.”

1. Jelly backpacks
2. “My patent leather mini-satchel, because it’s the cutest thing alive. It ties all of my outfits together with a pop because of the fabric.”

1. Tall white tees
2. “My turtleneck sweater. It’s from my childhood. I’ve had it since I was ten or eleven years old. I used to passionately hate it. Now I passionately love it.”

1. Crop tops
2. “My Raleigh Raw sweatshirt, because we made them.”

1. Nike SB’s
2. “My shirt. It was a gift from my girlfriend and it’s made by one of my favorite brands.”

1. Flannels buttoned all the way up
2. “My skirt. It used to be floor-length and I chopped it off.”

1. FUBU jerseys
2. “My necklace. My best friend made it for me and it’s got a lot of sentimental value.”