Relationship-Based Dentistry

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When you talk you only repeat what you already know, but if you listen you may learn something” Dr. Ramos discovered this basic truth many years ago and she made it the hallmark of her practice.What makes our Durham Dental Practice unique is we start by listening. Many of us have had the frustrating experience of having to first tell our problem to the secretary, then the assistant, and finally having a minute or two to re-tell it to the doctor. We begin with the doctor listening to you.

Dr. Ramos begins by listening to your concerns, reviewing your individual history and explaining the examination process and diseases that may affect you. Only when your past experiences, dental and medical history is thoroughly discussed is the examination started. Your examination involves you and is not merely the collection of data for the doctor. We explain what we see and what is healthy and unhealthy. We call this unique way of examination a “guided tour” of your mouth. Typically on the first visit you have the doctor’s undivided attention prior to any treatment being initiated.

Results of the exam are presented to you in an easy to understand written format. Depending on your needs, a Review of Findings appointment may be set up (at no extra charge) solely to have the opportunity to explain your treatment needs and options. Dr. Ramos prepares a detailed Master Plan for your individual optimal health. Only when you are comfortable about the doctor’s recommendations and have all your questions answered do we move forward with treatment. We believe it is our privilege to help you understand your dental health, how it affects your overall health.