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Meredith College students, faculty and staff are committed to a balance between environmental conservation, social justice and economic consideration. Our students live out their passion for sustainability through undergraduate research, service-learning, study abroad, classroom-based work, internships, major event speakers and workshops, student organizations and other ways.

Other examples of Meredith’s emphasis on sustainability include a partnership with NC State University to bring Zipcars to Raleigh, new student apartments that were certified LEED Silver in 2010 by the United States Green Building Council, a City of Raleigh environmental award for Meredith’s composting efforts, and the consistent use of best practices in managing our historic campus using native plant gardens, xeriscaping and integrated pest management.

Meredith’s sustainability major/minor is one of the first in North Carolina to focus on sustainability in an interdisciplinary way. Our environmental sustainability major focuses on three foundations: natural and mathematical sciences, social sciences, and economics and communication.

The flexible nature of the major allows students to tailor a program that fits their professional career interests. Students take liberal arts courses, such as environmental politics, ethics, and economics, in addition to science and math classes, and participate in a research or internship experience. As a result, they are prepared for a wide array of career options in an area of significant growthaccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 10% of new jobs by 2038 will be “green” careers.

Students may also choose to double major in environmental sustainability and a more disciplined-centered major. In addition, the program gives students numerous choices in electives, allowing them to simultaneously work toward their career goals in other disciplines such as education, engineering, business and design.