Well-Being Awaits You!

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Our team of seasoned practitioners simplifies your journey to optimal well-being through a variety of integrated and affordable healing services.

The experts agree: “90% of disease is caused or complicated by stress” (Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, 2007). But there are solutions to help you thrive! Whole Person Wellness Center (WPWC) practitioners are certified or licensed in a variety of healing modalities and therapies that can help you better manage stress, feel more balanced and relaxed, and live life to the fullest. With our integrated approach, you no longer need to shop around to find what works best for you, saving you time and money. Our experienced practitioners work with you to create an approach that fits your unique needs, through services such as:

• massage therapy

• homeopathy

• meditation & mindfulness

• energy healing

• bodywork

• acupuncture

• hypnotism

• coaching and more

Our caring, joyful approach will help you tap into your body’s natural healing intelligence and experience the authentic you that can be hidden behind chronic pain, discomfort and stress. What will your optimal life feel like? Can you imagine living as your highest self?

If you’re ready to get started on the path to wellness, join us at our March 8th Healing Circle where you can experience a variety of mini-sessions with our practitioners free of charge.

WPWC Healing Circle: Tuesday, March 8th from 7-9pm at the Unity Center of Peace. 8800 Seawell School Rd., Chapel Hill.