Not long after moving to town, I remember seeing a particularly great set from The Countdown Quartet at Humble Pie, the longtime Harrington St. restaurant in Raleigh. In fact, my roommate and I have talked about Ray Duffey‘s drumming that nightin particular, the flawless swing he pulled from his pockets that nightever since. Lots of Raleigh favoritesKenny Roby, The Rosebuds, Countdownplayed a lot of gigs at Humble Pie early this decade, but music’s been mostly absent at the place for several years.

Peter Lamb, who went on to play saxophone with The Countdown before the band played its farewell show in August of 2007, is looking to change that:

Lamb plays in various duos and trios around town and he recently sat in with those aforementioned Rosebuds and with Ben Folds Five last year. Tonight, though, he plays what he hopes isn’t the last stand of a potentially regular gig at Humble Pie at 9:30 p.m. with his chief project, Peter Lamb & the Wolves. Duffey used to play drums with the Wolves, but the sticks now belong to Stephen Coffman, of Durham’s excellent The Beast. Also in the current incarnation of The Wolves: George Knott (on bass sax (!), Sousaphone and bass), Al Strong (on trumpet) and Mark Wells (on piano).There’s a $5 cover for the 9:30 p.m. set. Polar Bear Polar Bear plays Humble Pie Sunday, April 19, for Chris Plankers’ art opening. The art starts at 8 p.m.

Follow the jump for a 2008 video of Lamb & the Wolves at the long-gone Yancy’s.