Cherry Bounce, the downtown Raleigh music festival launched in 2008 by local marketing and media consultants Greg Behr and Billy Warden, has unveiled its second annual lineup. Though last year’s rain-beleaguered Cherry Bounce put bands on a stage in front of Raleigh Times Bar on Hargett St. for only two days, this year’s bill stretches to seven nights and visits six downtown clubs before ending with another free show on Hargett St.

The lineups are largely local, with the notable exception of Sunday night’s opening night headliner, Atlanta songwriter Angie Aparo, and the final night’s headliners, Chicago’s mash-up bros The Hood Internet (guess Girl Talk was busy) and Man Man. (After you book Islands for year one, Man Man just makes sense, right?) Three media presentersNew Raleigh, NBC 17’s and WKNC 88.1will host one night of the festival each in a club. New Raleigh’s Friday night looks like a fantastic bender (with bar-rockers The T’s and bawdy bro The Infamous Sugar), while WKNC’s is essentially a great Local Beer, Local Band installment with Gross Ghost and Free Electric State, plus Asheville’s The Poles. The best bill, though, belongs to Veelee, Americans in France and Gray Young are among the best new bands at work in the Triangle, and they’re totally worth your Tuesday night. Most of the club shows will carry the usual nominal cover ($5), though the finale, as well as the shows on Monday and Thursday, are free.

The diffuse booking strategy for this year’s Cherry Bounce is certainly interesting, especially given the competition it will face: The N.C. State Fair runs nearby during the entirety of the series, which also comes just two weeks in advance of this year’s strongly booked and curated Troika Music Festival in Durham. In fact, this year’s Troika does an especially good job of creating interesting bills around a sound and an idea, while little ties these Cherry Bounce showsor the week, for that mattertogether from one end to the other, except the snappy insignia up top. Raleigh Wide Open IV (this year, in conjunction with City Plaza’s opening) and Art Raleigh should help foster a crowd for the last night, at least.

In any case, yeah, I’ll probably go see Man Man for free downtown.

Sunday, Oct. 18 (Deep South the Bar)

Angie Aparo

Monday, Oct. 19 (Raleigh Times)

Brian Corum (of Lonnie Walker)

Tuesday, Oct. 20 (Slim’s, hosted by



Americans in France

Gray Young

Wednesday, Oct. 21 (The Hive at Busy Bee)

Mount Weather (plus one)

Thursday, Oct. 22 (Tir Na Nog, hosted by WKNC)

Gross Ghost

The Poles

Free Electric State

Friday, Oct. 23 (Berkeley Cafe, hosted by New Raleigh)

A Rooster for the Masses


The T’s

The Infamous Sugar

Saturday, Oct. 24 (Main Stage: )

Peggy Sue


Sky Larkin

Old Avenue

Fin Fang Foom

The Hood Internet

Man Man