Andy Freeburn, guitarist in criminally overlooked early Merge Records band Erectus Monotone, called this morning with exciting news: The final lineup of the band, which called it quits in 1993, will continue playing shows after its reunion at XX Merge next week. The bandKevin Collins, Brian Quast, Jennifer Barwick (née Walker) and Freeburnwill headline at Raleigh’s Tir Na Nog Thursday, Aug. 13. The Loners and Rocket Cottage will open.

As for new material, Freeburn says it’s a possibility. “We’re taking that slowly,” he says, noting that Barwick and Collins are parents and that Quast keeps busy in Polvo and Urge Overkill. “But we’re dipping our toes in the water.”

Check this early ’90s news segment on Fox 22 for a comical interview with Freeburn and with Dave Brylawski, billed as Dave Prylawsk.

Brian Walsby, who plays with Collins in Double Negative, wrote about the band this weekend on his blog in light of the news. Also, Karen Mann reports that Pure, another early Merge act reuniting for XX Merge, will play at least two shows outside of the festival: July 19 at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, N.C. and July 21 at Pilot Light in Knoxville, Tenn.