2008 Indies Arts Award winner Steve “DJ Steve-O” Salevan will return to radio with a new show, The Hidden Places, Friday on Internet radio station, Taintradio, which I have yet to type without giggling. Salevan, a former WKNC 88.1 FM DJ, will co-host the show with Rachael Oehring, a Chapel Hill-based music publicist and, along with Salevan and Independent Weekly contributors Bryan Reed and Allie Mullin, co-owner of label Neckbeard Records.

The mixed-format show will air weekly on Fridays from noon to 2 p.m. and will combine local tunes with chats with musicians, fans and enthusiasts across the state. This Friday’s pre-recorded premiere episode includes Pox World Empire kingpins Zeno Gill and Maria Albani, as well as Bull City’s Jim Brantley, discussing, as Salevan says, “what it’s like to be someone in a band around here, what it’s like to start a group, and the culture of the Triangle.”

Aside from local music, The Hidden Places will also focus on food, prepared both by top-notch Triangle restaurants and the DJs and bands themselves. To wit, the first show was recorded at Chapel Hill Southern cuisine magnate Crook’s Corner. “Our conception is that it’s going to be music-focused,” says Salevan, “but our plans include a radiophonic road trip in August up the Eastern Seaboard and these food-centered round-table discussions.”

“We’re focusing on introducing N.C./ Triangle music to the internationally oriented audience that listens to Taintradio,” Salevan continues. “The trick with this show, I think, will be focusing on a slightly more eclectic assortment of local music than I did at WKNC.”

For now, future guests include Red Collar and Ryan Sweeney from Choose Local Music (“a movement”). Listen here.