So, welcome back. We took some time off from Scan Version 1.0 last May, concentrating instead on developing more online music content over at the Independent Weekly‘s mothership, thinking about that mothership’s 25th anniversary, andin generaltrying to make the music section of the print version of said mothership more comprehensive than ever.

Missions accomplished (we think), we’re back with a new design and new content, and excited to be here. The Triangle’s online music community has grown by leaps and bounds since we last spoke, from Jedidiah Gant’s updates at New Raleigh and David Menconi’s increased presence with his On the Beat blog to Karen Mann’s bountiful work at Mann’s World and Kim Gray’s voice in Durham on Quick, Like a Bunny (Let’s hope she ends this unofficial hiatus soon, huh?). Jake Seaton is doing great video work at, and is around these days, aggregating it all. Hell, Ross Grady even has a Facebook application.

What are we doing here, then? The answer’s still a bit malleable, but in this space you’ll find a lot of the following and, let’s hope, more: concert reviews not long after the show ends and a chance to comment with your own thoughts on what you saw; live videos of bands you like or bands we think you should like; breaking news on the music scene, including concert bills that have just been announced; tour diaries from your favorite local acts; and studio diaries from the same. Look for downloads, and please do enjoy the streaming music player to the right. We’ll be updating that often with our favorite new local (and, occasionally, national) tracks. In short, we’ll offer content that no one in the Triangle is offering.

You’ll recognize many of the names writing here from our print edition, but we’ve added a few online specialists this time around. If you’re interested in contributing, e-mail me, Grayson Currin, at, and we’ll talk about how you can help.

Thanks, and see you up top in a few.