Over the next two weeks, Durham’s Hammer No More the Fingers will offer daily glimpses into its touring life as the band tours the East Coast in anticipation of its Triangle CD release parties April 3-4.

Monday, March 16

Washington, DC

Oh no. Do I remember correctly? Five guys, no shirts, duct tape, terrible accents and a video camera? I’m pretty sure that happened.

I searched Facebook to see which ones possibly made the cut. Seven videos popped up as soon as I logged in. Fortunately, I laughed a lot harder than I thought I would. On the downside, the videos turned out to have very little to do with Viking Storm.

Oh well. . . on to the next show: It was at The Black Cat Backstage, a venue similar in size to Durham’s The Pinhook or Chapel Hill’s Local 506, and rumored to be co-owned by Virginia native Dave Grohl.

The crowd was reasonably large, especially for a Monday. Friends from D.C., N.C., Philly and last night’s show in Maryland blended with fans and friends of Gist, the longtime D.C .band. It was a great show, and the room had probably the best sound we’ll have at any venue on this tour. The Black Cat is the kind of venue nobody wants to leave. Everyone stuck around after the show to hang out and chat with each other.

As tends to happen in mixed company, we started talking about Dan Clark a.k.a “Nitro,” from American Gladiators. Then Nayan, the lead singer of Gist blew our minds. Not only has he seen Looking for Bruce (the movie written, produced, directed and starring Dan “Nitro” Clark, and the namesake of our upcoming album) but told us he owns a copy on VHS! We’ve been on a quest to find a copy of it for at least a year. We’ve searched high and low on the Internet to no avail. “Nitro” himself did send us a copy of his new book, though. Hitting the road is the perfect time for some new reading material.

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