Tuesday, March 17

Washington, D.C.

The trip from the Black Cat to the House of Caverns is one for which we no longer need directions. At the house we kicked back, drank some more Coors (the “silver bullet” this time), watched more Eastbound and Down and generally chilled out. Two of Patrick’s friends stopped by and were running around like headless chickens. With good reason, as it turned out: From here they’re hitting the road and driving to L.A., hoping to live their dreams as filmmakers.

They got into an exciting discussion about filmmaking that led them up to Patrick’s office. Patrick runs a company called DdotFilms. We snuck up the stairs to see what they were watching. Holy Shit! It was some Caverns music video footage and it looked amazing! We flipped out and couldn’t stop talking about the professional quality. All of a sudden we knew what had to be done. The next day was St. Patty’s Day, our only day off, and we made a Hammer No More The Fingers music video!!

Our perception of Pat Taylor had just changed. Previously we knew him as the smoothest keys player in DC, the driving bass and delicate melodies of DC’s finest, Caverns. Now he’s our Joel Coen. We set up in the city park across the street and Pat and his crew got to work. We filmed until sundown, and completed the shoot for “Fall Down, Play Dead”. . . Be very excited! We are! HNMTF