Let Feedback Ring is the punny name Corbie Hill, guitarist for Raleigh trio Battle Rockets, has lent a nine-band show he’s booked for Sadlack’s on Independence Day. With sets from The White Cascade, Free Electric State, Blag’ard and six others, the lineup looks plenty solid, sure. The real reason for your attention, though, might be the show’s not-so-subtle nod to protest of Bud Light Presents Raleigh Downtown Live.

“What I want to establish is a local-oriented answer to the Downtown Live gibberish that has been so blissfully unaware of what’s really happening in the Triangle and the region,” says Hill, who booked the show between Downtown Live’s June 27 engagement with The Tubes and July 11’s gig with Joan Jett. The music at Sadlack’s runs from 1:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., at which point Hill hopes the crowd migrates downtown for a Red Collar/ Caverns double bill at Tir Na Nog. “Let Feedback Ring, coupled with the Tir Na Nog show, results in 12 hours of solid & original music this July 4.”

Line-up drops after the jump.

Goodbye, Titan


The White Cascade

Free Electric State

Battle Rockets

The Virgo 9


Once and Future Kings

Asheville’s Spy Satellite