Four local musicians gathered to share songs and stories for the second installment of Music On The Porch, hosted by the Center for the Study of the American South in Chapel Hill last Friday.

A small crowd lined the lawn of the historic Love House and Hutchins Forum. Automobiles whisked by on Franklin Street, the occasional car stereo thumping for attention.

UNC music scholar Dr. Bill Ferris was in attendance, tapping his toes as his folklore understudy and emcee Katherine Doss posed questions to the evening’s performers Adam Price, Eric Roehrig, Heather McEntire and Lee Waters. They all seemed skilled in the art of brevity when it came to discussing the roots and influences of their craft.

One highlight of the performance was Heather McEntire’s rendition of Un Deux Trois’ “Everything That Is Happening Is Happening,” recorded live for your enjoyment.

Listen to: Everything That Is Happening Is Happening by Heather McEntire