The Rosebuds “Life Like” from Jason Arthurs on Vimeo.

News & Observer ex-pat Jason Arthurs (responsible for much of The Great 8’s multi-media component) and Flying Tiger Sound producer B.J. Burton (responsible for most of the sound on Hear Here) joined The Rosebuds at Ivan Howard’s Raleigh home in Oakwood to make a new video for the tune “Life Like.” Replacing the original’s flinty electric guitar with an acoustic ease and its deep, distorted bass throb with an accordion’s wheeze, this take emphasizes the shifts from chorus to verse and the song’s antiphonal structure. Beautifully lit with candles and Christmas lights and framed over shoulders and at a carpet-level view, the video serves as another reminder that the year-old Life Like still offers some of The Rosebuds’ best tunes yet.