Raleigh is still reeling from the tornado that cut a terrifying line across five counties, tearing into houses and yards and lives. It may still be a hot clip to the Weather Channel, but here the tragedy is palpable. After last week’s benefit with The Rosebuds, Tir na nOg is again stepping up to the plate to help, putting together a last-minute bill to assist families that, suffice to say, have suffered enough. Proceeds will help pay funeral costs for several children killed by the storm.

Rough-and-tumble country outlaws Hank Sinatra headline the 10-band show, which starts at 5 pm. Antibubbles bring peppy, though sincere, garage pop-punk. Jack the Radio, whose debut LP actually hits shelves today, calls to mind southern rock-educated-pop, a la The Wallflowers. Also aboard are A Rooster for the Masses, Richard Bacchus, Brett Harris, OAK Team, Stella Lively, Maldora and This House on Fire. And the nOg—which many of us know has a fantastic kitchen—will have at least one food giveaway.
If people’s true character is visible in times of adversity, then Tir na nOg and these 10 bands deserve our admiration. Donations of any amount are encouraged. And if you can’t attend this show, here’s the link to the Red Cross’ donation page.