On Saturday, Aug. 29, Annuals, The Never, Hammer No More the Fingers and Birds of Avalon will play Cat’s Cradle to celebrate the release of Hear Here: The Triangle, a 17-track compilation featuring loads of new songs (and a few old cuts) from several of the Triangle’s best bands: The Rosebuds, Lonnie Walker, The Love Language, Birds of Avalon, The Kingsbury Manx and many more. A copy of the compilationa joint production between Flying Tiger Sound, Terpsikhore Records and 88.1 WKNC FMis included for $10 admission at the 8:30 p.m. Cradle show.

And it’s totally worth it, if for nothing more than the best Lonnie Walker song yet (“Feels Like Right,” which opens the disc) and the funniest The Rosebuds song yet (“Brad Cook Is Not Your Man,” which closes the disc). A promotional video for Hear Here has been making the rounds, and it includes “Flesh and Blood,” a Johnny Cash cover by Annuals that didn’t make the final cut due to licensing rights. The video approved tracklisting will be waiting after the jump.

Hear Here: Triangle compilation rallies all-star lineup from Jason Arthurs on Vimeo.

1. Lonnie Walker, “Feels Like Right”
2. Kooley High, “Can’t Go Wrong”
3. The Love Language, “Horophones”
4. The Never, “Littlest Things”
5. Colossus, “Sunglasses in Space”
6. Birds of Avalon, “Telepathic Creep”
7. Hammer No More The Fingers, “The Visitor”
8. Motor Skills, “Right as Hell”
9. The Kingsbury Manx, “Custer’s Last Stand”
10. Blount Harvey, “The Three”
11. Static Minds, “Time Bomb”
12. The Beast, “My People”
13. Americans In France, “No Love for a Prophet”
14. Inflowential, “Sheriff”
15. The Old Ceremony, “Gone Go the Memories”
16. Sunfold, “Weeping Wall”
17. The Rosebuds, “Brad Cook is Not Your Man”