Listen up, Earthlings: Valient Thorr, the Venusian (by way of Raleigh) prophets of boogie-metal, are back. On June 18, the denim-vested headbangers will release their sixth album, Our Own Masters, a 12-track platter recorded in Athens, Ga. by Harvey Milk drummer Kyle Spence. That’s the backpatch-ready cover art above.

If Valient Thorr has proven anything across its catalog, it’s consistency. The band’s blend of classic thrash, punk tempos and New Wave of British Heavy Metal solos provides a perfect complement to the allegorical tales frontdude Valient Himself turns into gruff shout-alongs. Naturally, it’s even better on stage.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to succumb to the Thorr’s mosh-bait when the band hits the road (as is their wont) for a month-long tour beginning June 12 in Charlotte and winding back to Raleigh for a July 6 gig at Kings.

And now, a directive from the self-proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll saviors from Venus: “Get ready. Get everyone ready … Spread it, share it, push it to the brink of explosion, let it take a breath and then push it over the edge! Today is it. Now is when we shall act. Give them a reminder. We are OUR OWN MASTERS. See you all soon.”