Inspired by the Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, local musician Amelia V.B. Shull (an Independent contributor) started the NC Rocks Camp for Girls in Carrboro because, as she says, “This community needs it. There are so many creative artists in the area that can be local mentors for young girls. They can look to their own community for role models for who they could be, instead of looking to the media for whom they should emulate.

“We try to encourage them to be confident for who they are and what they are, and to build friendship, trust and relationships with the other girls.

“As for the music, we don’t tell them how to sound. As little girls, they are rarely encouraged [by pop music] to sing about anything more important than boys. Once they start playing, they discover all kinds of things they want to write and sing about.”

Hannah Hodge, 11, of Hillsborough, says: “I’ve taken piano lessons, but I’ve never been able to play this kind of music. I have to play classical. I want to start a band, so I thought it would help me find people for my band, and that it would be really cool.”

Rachel Falek, 11, of Chapel Hill, says: “We make up a beat that works for the whole group. Once we get into it, it’s easy. Now I know how to put a song together. One day I might start a band.”