Summer Break

Hillsborough Street bar haunt and sandwich shop premier Sadlack’s Heroes will do as the kids do and take a break this summer. The restaurant/bar/ music hall closes on Saturday, April 29 with a free show by The Countdown Quartet and Patty Hurst Shifter, two bands who have always brought the party to Sad’s. The Shifter’s Chris Smith and The Trousers’ Stephen Gardner begin the musical au revoir to the club on Wednesday, followed by Asheville’s one-man-or-bust band Shake It Like a Caveman on Thursday and Cabin Fever on Friday.

Interestingly, a band called The Jonas Fjeld Bluegrass Band was slated to play Sadlack’s Tuesday night, and–at press time–that show was still scheduled to happen. Jonas Fjeld is a Norwegian folk singer who has recorded with Eric Andersen and Rick Danko, and the Independent profiled him back in November when he was in town to rehearse with Chatham County Line. That Yep Roc quartet then followed him to play a sold-out theatre stand in his hometown of Drammen, Norway in December, and–by all reports–he hasn’t been back to North Carolina since. He’s even scheduled to play a show in Norway on Thursday. I’m not quite certain what is up with that, but I guess you’ll find the answer out on Route 23.

Band Parking Only

Inspired by whispers of shows he’s heard happened there in the ’90s, The Kingsbury Manx’s Clarque Blomquist will begin a series of concerts in Chapel Hill on the James C. Wallace Parking Deck Plaza on Rosemary Street on May 7. His band will play with The Leels above the parking garage, kicking off a series he is hopeful will last through September. Several other bands have signed on for eventual dates, and HI MOM! Films will present a screening before each show. Blomquist has received sponsorships from several local business, including Schoolkids Records, Elaine’s on Franklin, The Rathskeller, Pazzo Pizzeria and a generous grant from The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership. And, if you are wondering just where this James C. Wallace Parking Deck Plaza is, look above the Rosemary Street parking garage that’s in front of the Wetlands and behind the post office.


Shockwave, the local hip-hop extravaganza that began last year at the Cat’s Cradle, returns Friday night at 9:30 p.m. L.E.G.A.C.Y. headlines, with help from young favorite O.N.E. Jones. Look for Amen & Forge, L in Japanese and Wu associate Blue Raspberry. The Remix Project backs ’em all.