The following list collects many of the CDs, digital downloads and vinyl albums released by Triangle bands this year. Some bands who don’t live in the Triangle but treat it as their main touring outlet (like Clang Quartet) or as a second home (The Avett Brothers) have been included.

*SONS, Viracochas (Fractured Discs)

9th Wonder, The Dream Merchant 2 (6 Hole)

The Accelerators, Road Chill (Sound Asleep Records)

Across the Elementary, Years (self-released)

Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons, Where’s the Freedom? (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

Alex Koman, The Last Escape EP (self-released)

Alina Simone, Placelessness (54º40′ or Fight!)

Anaturale, Stilletto (Crunks Not Dead Records)

Annuals, Big Zeus EP (EMI/Virgin/Ace Fu; UK only)

Annuals, Frelan Mas EP (Ace Fu; digital only)

Annuals/Manchester Orchestra, Split 7″ (self-released)

Audubon Park, Teenage Horses (Pox World Empire)

The Avett Brothers, Emotionalism (Ramseur Records)

The Away Team, Training Day (Hall of Justus)

A.C. Bushnell, Dancing on the Water (self-released)

Barghest, Thanateros (Trekky Records)

Beggars Caravan, Take Me With You (Tire Swing Records)

Beloved Binge, Other Places (self-released)

Ben Davis & The Jett$/ Des Ark, Battle of the Beards (Lovitt Records)

Between the Buried and Me, Colors (Victory Records)

Big City Reverie, The Smallest Decision (Deep South Digital)

Big Fat Gap, A Brief History of the Big Fat Gap (self-released)

Big Prime Da General, Prime Time EP (Triple Threat Entertainment)

Birds of Avalon, Bazaar Bazaar (Volcom Entertainment)

Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago (self-released, 2007; Jagjaguwar, 2008)

Bowerbirds, Hymns For a Dark Horse (Burly Time Records)

Boxbomb, My Obsession (Tragic Hero Records)

Brite Boy, Peartree Sessions (self-released)

Bruce Emery & David McKnight, All Is Calm, All Is Bright: Traditional Instrumental Covers (self-released)

Bruce Emery & David McKnight, Windy and Warm (self-released)

Bull City, Guns & Butter (Urban Myth Records)

Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dona’ Got a Ramblin’ Mind (Music Maker Relief Foundation, reissue)

The Cartridge Family, Shine Like a Bottle (Doublenaught)

Cesar Comanche, Die in Your Lap (D.O.T.F.W. Records)

Chatham County Line and Jonas Fjeld, Amerikabesøk (Sony BMG Norway)

Chaundon, Venom (Hall of Justus)

Chest Pains, Because Our Time is Limited and Valuable (self-released)

Clang Quartet, Revival of the Wretch (RRR Records)

Classic Case, Losing at Life (Fearless Records)

Colossus, And the Rift of the Pan-Dimensional (Lucid Recordings)

Cool John Ferguson, With These Hands (Cool John Records)

Cootie Stark, Christmas with Cootie (Music Maker Relief Foundation)

The Comas, Spells (Vagrant Records)

Crossed Eyes, Rattled EP (Sorry State Records)

Cross Laws, Ancient Rites EP (Sorry State Records)

Cross Laws, Behind the Curve (self-released)

Dakota Darling, Minutes ’til the World (Firefly Music)

Dan Bryk, Discount Store (Firefly Music)

Darker Brighter, Hank 7″ (self-released)

DATAHATA, Itinerant Craft (FrequeNC Records)

David Spencer, Love Like a Symphony (self-released)

David Karsten Daniels, Sharp Teeth (Fat Cat Records)

Day Action Band, Wives and Babies (Captain Cape Records)

Dead to Society, In the Streets (Strike Force Records)

DJ Mick Boogie & Little Brother, …And Justice for All (mixtape; downloadable)

Dom Casual, Espanta Muerto (High of Low-Brow)

Double Negative, The Wonderful and Frightening World of Double Negative (No Way Records)

Dr. Powerful, Daydipsnake (self-released)

The Dune Dogs, Carolina Country (Fire Hydrant Records)

Edgar Allen Floe, Floe Almightythe Remixture (MCEO Records)

Endless Mic, Baby Geniuses (Trekky Records)

Erie Choir, Slighter Awake (Sit n’ Spin)

Ex-Members, xoex_ep (self-released)

Eyes to Space, From the Bureau of Robotic Affairs (Solarium Records)

Filthybird, Southern Skies (Red String Records)

Fin Fang Foom, Native Tongue (Stiff Slack Records)

Future Islands, Future Islands/Moss of Aura Split (self-released)

The Future Kings of Nowhere, The Future Kings of Nowhere (307 Knox Records)

Gambling the Muse, Gambling the Muse (Pax Americana)

The Gondoliers, The Gondoliers (EARiE Records)

Gray Young, Kindle Field (self-released)

Hal Beasley III, Hal Beasley III (self-released)

Hammer No More the Fingers, Hammer No More the Fingers (Power Team Records)

Hank Sinatra, Poolhalls & Pantyhose (Slaphappy Records)

Hazerai, The 911852618 EP (Cape & Chalice Records)

Heads on Sticks, The Pamphleteer (self-released)

The High & Mighties, Mighty High (self-released)

Hobex, Enlightened Soul (Phrex Records)

Horseback, Impale Golden Horn (Burly Time/Holidays for Quince)

Horseback, Impale Golden Horn Live (self-released)

Hundred Air, Makeout City (Fractured Discs)

Inflowential, The Exciting Adventures of Inflowential (self-released)

I Was Totally Destroying It, I Was Totally Destroying It (self-released)

International Drive, Finish What You Started (Disco Tech Records)

Jason Adamo, Montage EP (self-released)

Jeff Crawford, Something for Everyone (Arbor Rush)

Jeff Rehnlund, Our Thin Mercy of Error (Hymns)

Jew(s) and Catholic(s), God’s Trash (self-released)

Jive Turkey Players, Oven Baked (self-released)

John Brown Quintet, Terms of Art: A Tribute to Art Blakey and the Jazz MessengersVolume One (self-released)

John Brown Quintet, Merry Christmas, Baby (self-released)

Josh Moore & Ryan Gustafson, The Josh Moore & Ryan Gustafson 7″ Split (Reed Records)

Jon Shain, Army Jacket Winter (Flyin’ Records)

Jozeemo, Cry Now, L.A.F. Later (Hall of Justus)

Juan Huevos, MC People Magazine (self-released)

Jule Brown, Soldier in the 9th (Enabler Records)

Kennebec, Kennebec (self-released)

Kinetic, Tension (Say What? Productions)

Little Brother, Getback (ABB Records)

The Love Language, The Love Language (self-released)

Luego, I Know, I Know EP (self-released)

Martin Eagle, The Hipster (Hawksnest Music)

Median, Median’s Relief (Halftooth Records)

Megafaun, Bury the Square (self-released, 2007; Table of the Elements/ Radium, 2008)

Midtown Dickens, Oh Yell! (307 Knox Records)

The Moaners, Blackwing Yalobusha (Yep Roc Records)

The Monika Jaymes Band, There You Are (self-released)

The Monologue Bombs, Beverages + Ghosts (Superfan Records)

Mosadi Music, The Window (self-released)

Moss of Aura, Future Islands/ Moss of Aura Split (self-released)

Mr. K and the Famous, The Electric Sessions (self-released)

Nathan Oliver, Nathan Oliver (Pox World Empire)

The Nein, Luxury (Sonic Unyon)

New Artica, How the Brain Works Sick (self-released)

North Elementary, Berandals (Pox World Empire)

North Elementary, Lovesday Dead Down Remixes EP (Last Press Label)

Opening Flower Happy Bird, Endings (self-released)

Original Messenjah, Naked (MJAH Records)

Overhead Projector, Underpants on the Ceiling Fan (self-released)

Patty Hurst Shifter, Coma La Grava EP (Pants on Fire)

Patty Hurst Shifter, Fugitive Glue EP (Pants on Fire)

People Under the Bridge, Material and Focus (Guru/ Robot)

The Proclivities, Music from the Film Coney Island (self-released)

Promute, Dark Moving (Blodena Music)

Promute, Rast Figment (Blodena Music)

The Pulsar Triyo, Moving On (Small Town Records)

pulsoptional, pulsoptional (Fugu Fish Recordings)

Randy Whitt and the Grits, The Good the Bad & the Grits (self-released)

Rebel Son, Declaration of Disaffection (Hot Rod Hell Records)

Red Collar, The Hands-Up EP (307 Knox Records; Power Team Records)

Regina Hexaphone, Into Your Sleeping Heart (Superfan Records)

RESIST NOT, RESIST NOT (self-released)

Richard Bacchus + the Luckiest Girls, Jet Black and Beautiful (Stay Gold Records)

The Rosebuds, Night of the Furies (Merge Records)

Sandbox, Kidsongs (self-released)

Saunter, Bustin’ Loose (self-released)

Schooner, Hold on Too Tight (54º40′ or Fight!)

Sea Cow, The Vast Uncharted (self-released)

Ships, The Quilt of Life (self-released)

The Sibling Project/ Wolverines, Split (self-released)

Simple, Sounds From a Broken Hip (self-released)

Sin for the Fallen, In a Lifetime (self-released)

Sleepsound, Leaves Change (self-released)

Snatches of Pink, Love is Dead (8th House Records)

SNMNMNM, Crawl Inside Your Head (Unschooled Records)

Social Memory Complex, Prequel EP (Second Law Records)

Southern Culture on the Skids, Countrypolitan Favorites (Yep Roc Records)

Sound of Singles, Sings Seger (7 Inches and the Truth)

Steep Canyon Rangers, Lovin’ Pretty Women (Rebel Records)

The Straight 8s, Never Return to Me (Rock ‘n’ Roll Purgatory)

Superchunk, Misfits & Mistakes 7″ (Merge Records)

Sweater Weather, Now Everyone Can Sing (self-released)

Tennessee Jed, Acoustica (Sam & Molly Music)

Tooth, Animality (Churchkey Records)

Tony Low, Time Across the Page (Lowtunes)

The Torch Marauder, Triceratops/ Can I Get a Lift? (Pox World Empire)

The Tourist, Not Now, Nor Ever (Firefly Music)

Transistor Sun, Transistor Sun (self-released)

The Transzenders, Unmarked Pavement (Zenergy)

The Tremors, Invasion of the Saucermen (Brain Drain)

Twilighter, Fixed (self-released)

Tyler Hipnosis, 40s and Shortys (self-released)

un deux trois, Lovers EP (Holidays for Quince Records)

Various Artists, Carolina Funk: Funk 45s from the Atlantic Coast (Jazzman)

Various Artists, Taylor 25: A Nostalgic Retrospective (WUAG Compilation)

Various Artists, Oh Santa!: New and Used Holiday Classics from Yep Roc Records (Yep Roc Records)

Veronique Diabolique, Café Solitude (self-released)

The Watercallers, The Finest of the Wheat (self-released)

Wedlock, The Matrimony EP (Kounterfeit Records)

Wembley, Wembley (self-released)

Widow, Nightlife (Cruz del Sur Music)

Yearling, The View From Here (Tragic Hero Records)

Young Fluent, Young and Rugged (Judas)

ZEGG, The Ride (self-released)

Compiled by Dan Strobel