The Bulls won their opener last night in 12 innings, as reported by Adam Sobsey, showing his inimitable, thorough form already.

I’ll be taking the baton from Adam and covering home games soon, too. But we’ve decided, in concert with the Bulls, the Indy, and other partners, to postpone our ambitious, exhaustive season-long project until 2013. To reiterate what I’ve written here before, the idea is to use the documentary techniques of the Jazz Loft Project and focus on the DBAP today, rather than a building in 1959 New York City. After a while, even 1959 New York City gets old.

2013 will be the 25th anniversary of the movie Bull Durham, but we’re not postponing our project in order to coincide with that anniversary, although that coincidence could be beneficial in some ways. What happened is the trial run we gave to Bull City Summer last year (surf around this blog) achieved what we wanted to achieve, i.e. we learned. One thing we learned is that we may raise the ambitions for this project, which means we need more funding than we figured. We’ll see. More on that later.

Meanwhile, we’re considering the whole 2012 season a trial run for 2013. Adam and I will do our things, to some degree, and photographers Frank Hunter, Kate Joyce, and Leah Sobsey will do theirs, to other degrees. And we’ll seek sponsors for something major in 2013. Should be fun. Check back here for new material.