Oh, hey there! It’s been two whole weeks since we emptied out the old mail sack, and in the meantime, we’ve been writing a whole lot about all kinds of stuff. Let’s see what goodies await.

First up, SCOTT, responding to editor Jeffrey C. Billman’s story about a One America News Network report that insinuated that UNC-Chapel researchers designed the novel coronavirus because of, you know, the deep state or something: “Jeffrey Billman can F off. Get the F out of my State Dipshit. F U Jeffrey. The last place your lame ass should be, is in the publics ears. Get off Trumps ass. You are a Million times worse.”

Listen, Scott, you can say the F-word around here. We promise we won’t think any less of you. 

“You are as crazy as the liberal elites!” adds RITA M, exclamation-point lover. “To say calling this virus a Chinese Virus is ‘racist’ is totally insane! YOU may be screwed, but the American people aren’t. We are blessed to have this president, and as soon as this crisis is over, you will see!”

We also reported on how gun nuts forced Durham to declare gun shops essential businesses during a pandemic. We also called the gun nuts “gun nuts,” which sent the gun nuts over the edge.  

JOSE: “You say, ‘The gun nuts won.’ A lot of Americans died fighting for our basic civil rights, now we have extremists hijacking this disease to push their agenda of disarming the people. We should all be disgusted. The Bill of Rights doesn’t have a ‘unless there’s a virus’ exclusion at the bottom. Clearly ‘we the people’ won this one.”

PAT ORSBAN: “Awwww, poor wittle leftist commrats got stopped from disarming more victims. Democrats disarm victims, violate the law abiding, all while protecting more criminals. Stop the evil, never vote Dim again.”

ZZ: “A liberal rag that hates guns lol.” 

We are absolutely making that one a T-shirt. 

What do y’all think?

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