It’s been a week of mask mandates from local governments and proof-of-vaccination requirements from local businesses, and, no surprise here, our readers have thoughts. For the web, Sarah Edwards wrote about Motoroco’s and other local businesses’ decision to require proof of vaccination (or a negative COVID test) along with a ticket for admission to upcoming shows.

“I deeply appreciate this announcement,” wrote Facebook commenter BRIAN E MAGEE. “Motorco cares for its employees and patrons. I hope other venues follow their lead.”

“Very responsible decision,” agrees commenter CAROL PINKASAVAGE.

Commenter GAIL LEVINE VANDERHEYDEN has some commonsense advice for show-goers: “Just get vaccinated. You can go to whatever show interests you.”

But there were some….Naysayers? Skeptics? Conspiracists? Alarmists? … on the thread.

“Show me your papers!!!!,” wrote commenter MIKE GRUENEICH. “Glad that a business can do as it pleases in America. That will change soon though. Be careful what you wish for.”

“Segregation returns to NC,” wrote commenter ALEX BIRD.

“Imagine comparing having to get a life-saving public health shot in order to attend certain venues with racial segregation. Yikes,” wrote commenter BILL BOURRET in response.

Also for the web, Leigh Tauss wrote about the deranged collective freakout over local indoor mask mandates.

Our astute readers point out that wearing a mask is…really not that bad.

“I’ll take a mask over wearing a bra any day,” writes Facebook commenter LUZ MOLINARI.

“People are such babies. It’s easier than wearing shoes,” commenter ANDY LITTLE wrote.

“It’s better than sunscreen!:)” wrote commenter SANDY ROCHELLE.

Commenter JIM O’HARA made the winning analogy: “I hate wearing hats. They make me hot and sweaty and they give me hat hair. I don’t look that good in many of them. But I got too much sun as a kid, and I’m not stupid, so I wear a hat in the sun.”

May we all not be stupid and take care of others and ourselves.

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